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Interior Design Fees And Millennials

They’re not new, these conversations we’ve been having about Houzz and online design services and fees. Nor is it new that some trade vendors, on the defensive, have undercut designer pricing because they can’t figure out their place in the market and because they’re afraid. Everyone deserves to earn a living. But there is definitely a new kind of undercurrent in the ether. Can you feel it? A tipping point that has a lot of designers saying, enough.

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If You Have A Waitlist Don't Read This

A designer recently told me that she wasn’t interested in more business; that she had enough business and that she didn’t need to build a list to market to her ideal client. She knew where her ideal client was. Some designers are determined to get in their own way. But here’s what I’d like to remind you.

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Fast Furniture

Customization is not a new trend. Research shows that millennials expect to be treated as individuals and are looking for brands that offer personalized products and experiences. As the marketplace shifts to cater to them, manufacturers are shifting too. At least some of them are and depending on your audience, that’s a good thing.

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How To Be Press Worthy

You may be quoted in the New York Times and get a flow of eyeballs to your website—maybe if the quote was that good—but was it in the right context? Will the right client invest in your services because of it? Or is it a fluff piece that diminishes your credibility? Similarly, not all online referral hubs and blogs are created equal.

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Why Your Interior Design Business Strategy Isn't Working

Have you ever considered that your plans, strategies, way-of-getting-things-done are what are holding you back from getting what you want? Wait, what?

You’ve made the decision to go after something. You have a plan. You start to execute said plan and then something goes wrong, very wrong. In fact, it seems like that thing you want is even farther away than when you started.

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Can I Pay You To Quit?

Research shows that it doesn’t matter what your values are. The point is that you have them, because when your entire company is aligned around those values, it becomes more powerful.

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Is It Time For An Audit?

Are you working at a pace that is making you numb to the consequences of your choices? Or worse are you unaware that the majority of your decisions are unconscious? Are you comfortable taking breaks during the day? Do you feel a strong sense of purpose at work? Are you in integrity with your calendar when it comes to keeping appointments with yourself? When you’re not in the performance zone, where do you spend your thoughts? Survival energy has been normalized in much of the culture of work but it is not sustaining.

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Join A Visibility And Strategy Session!

I arrived home to a box from my publisher. Inside was a bottle of wine and a galley copy--my first--of my branding book Branding + Interior Design. As I’ve said before, this book wasn’t the book I originally started to write but it is the book it was supposed to be. It also represents the culmination of a lot of work, change, growth, and all that I’ve learned in supporting so many clients.

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What Editors Want

One of the biggest complaints I hear from designers is that they got published and nothing happened. Well, what did you expect to happen? Because the fact of the matter is that the nature of running an interior design business means that you’re going to have to get published, again, and again and again for it to really matter, for it to start to pay off in a way that is meaningful to your bottom line.

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The Hamster Wheel

When you’re on the hamster wheel, the vacuum is a fast-moving circle of sameness that can only be sustained for so long until something gives. And it probably won't be you, not anymore, because you're exhausted.

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Does Your Interior Design Firm Need Snapchat?

Think about it. Snapchat says its users are 13-34 which means ten years from now, the oldest user will be 44, smack in the middle of their highest income earning years. Although depending on what part of the country you live in, you might be a 28-year-old tech mogul with some cash, a new penthouse and not a whole lot of education when it comes to design right now.

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I Heard You Were on TV...?

When it comes to doing business and doing life, we are schooled from a young age on the importance of other people’s opinions and perceptions. Many of us live in fear of negative feedback and reviews, staying silent in the face of mistruths so that we can avoid confrontation, not look like a bitch, be good, perfect, nice and all of those other things mostly women are taught to do.

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It's Just Business
How To Increase Your Interior Design Firm's Profits
An Unpopular Position On References