What To Know About Traveling Solo

Traveling solo?  Good for you!  Both common knowledge and personal experience point to a richer, more memorable experience.  To make sure the trip is about memories, not hassle, keep these five tips in mind. Keep your cash safe. What other form of cash is replaceable if stolen?  Travler’s cheques are the way to go across the country or the world.

Get the deals. By planning ahead.  Most train and plane travel reward you for pre-booking ahead. There are some that also reward last minute travel.  Just get travel insurance in case you have an emergency or weather prevents you from going.

Learn beforehand. Learn the maps, the language, about the history, restaurants, things to do, or even public transit.  It’ll give you a fuller experience to have knowledge and make you appear more confident in your movements—a plus for single female travelers.

Pack light. The less you’re hindered the more independent of help you need to be.  Packing quick drying fabrics that don’t wrinkle and can be dressed up or down.  Be respectful of the culture in which you’re traveling.  Keep cool in hotter climates that want their women covered with high necks, long sleeves, head coverings for religious spaces, or possibly a skirt with bike shorts.

Capture the memories. Because you’re traveling alone, it pays to capture the photos of areas or experiences you enjoyed the most.  Also if you’re visual, perhaps even a small sketch pad, or if you’re a word siren, a journal to bring a smile when you’re back home.

What are your go-to travel tips?