Keep It Light

I love packing for a journey. Considering what I will need while I am away; what is essential and what can stay behind. I like to travel as light as possible. That being said, there are a couple of things I love to take along with me.  Someone I met traveling a few years ago told me to keep a journal while abroad. He said later on I would appreciate it, as I would come to remember only the broad strokes of the journey and the details would slip through the cracks. I took his advice and kept a journal of that particular trip and am glad I did.

I have a little history of all these tiny moments and thoughts to go along with the overall feeling I have of that place and time.

I picked up some big blocks of SOMA chocolate (Made in Toronto) for friends we will be seeing there.

This cashmere scarf goes everywhere I go when I travel. It's a great blanket for the plane, a bright accessory for dinner and although it will be warm where I am going, I understand the A/C can get a bit out of control...and I am always cold.

I get very excited about buying a book to read on the plane. I make sure it is strictly for pleasure. I usually wait until I get to the airport to buy my book, but I couldn't resist when I saw this in the bookshop. (Buddha of Suburbia is one of my favorite books.) I am forcing myself not to open it until I get on the plane.

What I am not bringing.